Cetyl M for Dogs

Cetyl M contains  250 mg Glucosamine and 250 mg of Cetyl Myristoleate. Cetyl Myristoleate is a fatty acid that is derived from two sources, one from vegetables and one from meat tallow. The problem that causes joint damage and inflammation of the joints is when cartilage is diminished and friction is caused by everyday movement. cetyl m for dogsCetyl myristoleate also help alleviate the pain caused by arthritis by reducing the inflammation in the joint as well as acting as an immune system modulator, basically preventing the body from constantly attacking itself. These supplements help to rebuild cartilage reducing the friction and regaining flexibility in the movement of the joint. As you are replacing nutrients that are already in the body in makes sense that they work.

Part of the problem also is that the cartilage is not kept hydrated which these supplements help to do. Cetyl M for Dogs is often used for dogs that have had joint surgery, as it helps to speed up the recovery.  It can also be used as a preventive action and given to young dogs that may be prone to joint problems later in life due to the fact that they may be working dogs. When you compare the different dog supplements available the one thing they all have in common is that they all have Glucosamine in them.

cetyl m for dogsHealthy joints require cartilage to cushion the joints when moved and avoid friction causing inflammation and stiffness. Cetyl M for Dogs helps to rebuild cartilage and gives your dog the ability to lead a normal life without pain. As the other supplements such as Chondroitin and MSM as well as Glucosamine do the same thing you need to look at what other ingredients are present in these supplements. Some have fish oil; others have organic sulfur, which again are already present in the body. So depending on your dog’s age and overall health may be the determining factor as to which supplement is better for your dog. Plus the stage of joint damage your dog is suffering from.

You can compare all of these products and compare the ingredients and they are all very similar in their composition, and when you read reviews that other pet owners have posted, they all of have very positive reviews. One in every five dogs suffer from Arthritis or joint damage Cetyl M for Dogs definitely helps with these problems, but again depending on the age of the dog and his overall health one supplement may be more of a benefit than another, if you dog is lacking more in one nutrient than the another maybe a supplement that has a higher dosage of that particular nutrient may be better suited to your dog’s needs. The best way to find out what your dog needs is to get him a thorough examination to find out exactly which supplements he is short of so that you can make an educated decision as to which brand is best for your pet.

2 thoughts on “Cetyl M for Dogs

  1. I have a Lab/Dane mix,10 yrs old. He is having trouble getting up stairs,etc. slowing down quite a bit.I have him on different supplements, dasuquin plus, nupro silver. I was told to try cetyl m. Plus another person suggested yucca stalk..He also is on thyroid med. He is 134lbs. Can I actually give him all of these supplements safely. According to the weight chart w/ cetyl m, I would have to give him 9 pillls. This seems a little much. Can you offer any insight?
    Thank you,

    • Dear Mrs Biddle,

      Sorry for the delay in the response. 9 pills just seems like an outrageous amount for one dog! I checked with the Natural Stride product and they told me that 3 scoops per day would be sufficient for your dog since their formula is so concentrated. They mentioned that unless you were dealing with an extreme case, no loading dosage would be necessary as each scoop contains almost 2000mg of active ingredients.

      Thank you again and sorry for the late response.


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